AIS Chrome 30T Salt Chlorinator

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AIS Chrome 30T Salt Chlorinator

20-gram residential salt water pool and spa salt water chlorinator

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured by AIS using the same award-winning technology that has made AutoChlor one of Australia’s most well-known and trusted chlorinator brands

The AIS Chrome chlorinator features some of the most advanced, saltwater disinfection technology available in today’s market and yet is so easy to install, operate and maintain.

AIS Chrome’s superior design takes all the guesswork out of keeping your pool water clean, clear and safe leaving you more time to do the things you love.

AutoChlor Chrome salt water chlorine generators deliver the perfect combination of contemporary good looks with advanced, in-line, water disinfection for home swimming pools.


AIS AutoChlor CHROME-30 Salt Chlorinator Features:

Renowned reliability and the latest water disinfection technology

Uses Genuine AIS salt cell electrodes

Easy to read control panel

Easy Installation – Can be fitted to new pools or retro-fitted to existing pools

Reverse Polarity (RP) technology – Meaning the chlorinator periodically switches between positive and negative charge resulting in less calcium build up and less maintenance.

Circuit breaker – Designed to protect your pool system in the event of a power surge or overload.

Pump output socket – 240 volts supplied to synchronise your chlorinator and pool pump.

Warning indicator lights – Automatically tells when salt levels are lower or higher than desired and will

Chlorine controller and output indicator – Chlorine output be increased or decreased with the simple turn of a dial ensuring optimum efficiency and a safer swimming environment

Conventional cooling technology – Allows air flow through the unit with an Ingress Protection (IP) 24 rating.


AIS Chrome 30 Salt Chlorinator Specifications

Chlorine output: 20 gms/hr. (grams of chlorine gas equivalent per hour)

Input voltage: 220 – 250 volts. 50 Hz

Input current: 5.5 amps

Pump Outlet Max Current: 4.5 amps

Unit cooling: Convection via external heatsink

Reverse time: 2 hours

No flow protection: Automatic water flow sensing.

Water flow: 150 – 450 It/minute. 480 kpa max. pressure

IP rating: 24

Ideal Salt level: 5000 ppm

Timer and Pump Outlet: Includes both timer and pump outlet

Weight: 9 kg


AIS Chrome 30 Salt Cell Housing Dimensions

AIS Salt Cell Housing Chrome 30 Dimensions


Shipping Weight 9.300 kg
Shipping Dimensions 57.0 × 44.0 × 23.0 cm



Self Cleaning


Grams Per Hour




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Salt Chlorinator