AquaQuip Twister Pool Cleaner Power Steering Unit

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AquaQuip Twister Pool Cleaner Power Steering Unit

Power Steering For Your Pool Cleaner

Numerous suction cleaners get stuck in corners, others automatically follow a repeated pattern around the pool.

Either way, you finish up with a dirty pool.


Simply install Twister

The Aquaquip Twister regularly changes the direction of the hose – power steering your pool cleaner out of awkward corners to assure a systematically random and total cleaning pattern.

Designed and developed by an engineer who was disappointed with his suction pool cleaner.

Engineered and produced by the Australian company you recognize and trust – AquaQuip.


How does Twister work?

Twister is powered by the continuous flow of water within the pool cleaner hose and will counter-rotate the hose around 3 times per hour.

A unique angled adaptor included with Twister is fitted between the pool cleaner and the hose.

The counter-rotation of the hose causes the adaptor to continually change direction, freeing your pool cleaner from corners.


Simple to install

Suits all suction cleaners with swivel hose attachment

Steers your pool cleaner out of corners

Produces random, accurate pool cleaning

“Twin-Track” constant drive technology


Package Contents

Aquaquip Twister Device

Installation Instructions

Owners Manual

Shipping Dimensions 23 × 13 × 13 cm



Product Type

Pool Cleaner Accessory

Warranty Period

1 Year


Aquaquip Twister