Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner Spray

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Lo-Chlor Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner Spray 500 ml

Lo-Chlor instant filter cleaner provides instant results using its non-soak formulation

Specially formulated for the removal oils, grime, calcium scale, minerals and organic buildup from your pool or spa filter cartridge

Supplied in a handy trigger spray halves the time spent cleaning filter cartridges resulting in less downtime of your pool or spa


Tips when using Lo-Chlor filter cleaner


It is easier to clean the filter when the soiled elements are rinsed off with a hose prior to applying the filter cleaner

Both the filter housing and cartridge should be hosed down thoroughly before reassembling

Filter cleaner should never be added to pool or spa water

Cleaning your filter regularly will prolong the life of the cartridge




Lo-Chlor Because It Works


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500 ml