Davey Monarch Chloromatic ESR ESC Time Clock Timer Switch M1812SP

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Monarch Chloromatic ESR ESC Timer Clock

Manufacturers Part Number: M1812SP

Built-in battery backup in case of power outages

Replacement timer switch the following salt chlorinators:

  • ESR 160
  • ESR 200
  • ESR300
  • ESC 16
  • ESC 24
  • ESC16 pH
  • ESC24 pH

Genuine Chloromatic replacement timer

Chloromatic Timer is number 25 in the diagram below

Davey Monarch Chloromatic ESC ESR Box Parts Diagram


Chloromatic Timer Operation 

Pushing the pins in on the timer sets the chlorinator to run during this period
Pulling the pins out sets the chlorinator to switch off during this period

Chloromatic Timer Switch On, Off and Auto Operation

Davey Monarch Chloromatic Timer Diagram

On: The pump and chlorinator will be switched on until the switch is moved to auto or off
Off: The pump and chloromatic will be switched off until switched to on or auto
Automatic: The chloromatic and pump will turn on and off during the periods set on the clock timer pins




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Chloromatic Timer Battery Backup