Davey Monarch ChloroMatic MCS24CT Salt Chlorinator

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Davey Monarch Chloromatic MCS24CT Salt Water Chlorinator

  • 24 Grams Per Hour
  • Self Cleaning
  • Built-In Pool Light Transformer
  • Low salt & no flow indicators

The Davey Chloromatic MCS24CT model chlorinator  replaces the following models:

  • Monarch Chloromatic ESR200
  • Monarch Chloromatic ESC24
  • Monarch Chloromatic ESC24pH
  • Davey Chloromatic MC20CT
  • Davey Chloromatic MCS24CT


The Davey ChloroMatic is the ideal saltwater sanitisation system for all size residential pools. Enjoy naturally clean and clear salt water by choosing a Davey ChloroMatic.

Easy to use controls and low salt and low flow indicators.  With the options of a non-reversing cell, or the premium reversing cell that can assist in keeping the cell clean.

Various models with outputs up to 50g/hour to suit pools up to 200,000 litres in temperate climates.

Supplied with Davey’s EziSet digital time clock, energy saving winter mode and features a new look power supply and cell design.

The Davey ChloroMatic gives you a sparkling, clean and clear water that is soft to the touch and provides therapeutic properties when using salt as the mineral element for this sanitising system.



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Poolequip Davey Master Dealer

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ChloroMatic MCS24CT



Self Cleaning


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