Davey EcoMineral 3600 Mineral Salt Sanitiser

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Davey EcoMineral 3600 Therapeutic Mineral Water Sanitiser

Manufacturers Part Number: EMX3600

Equivalent to 26 Grams per hour chlorine production

Suitable for pools up to 60,000 litres


State-of-the-Art Therapeutic Mineral Water Sanitiser

Keep your pool crystal clear and clean all year round with the EcoMineral simple and reliable sanitising system from Davey.

The EcoMineral Water Sanitiser from Davey is easy to install and operate.

Offers great therapeutic pool sanitisation and cleaning benefits with the use of Davey’s EcoMineral Salt and EcoMineral Activator.


Benefits of Davey Mineral Salts

  • Soft and natural feeling water
  • Moisturises skin as you swim
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Helps to draw out impurities from the skin
  • Natural relief for muscular complaints
  • Aids in relaxation of the nervous system
  • Assists in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Absorbed easily into skin tissue
  • Produces a mild flocking agent, enhancing water quality and the whole bathing experience


 Davey EcoMineral Sanitiser Features

Specially designed power source and cell for use with Davey EcoMineral Salt and Activator

Easy set sanitiser production dial 0 – 100%

Large and easy to read LED display with simple to select digital timer and control

Easy to install and operate

High-performance inline cell with safety flow switch



Davey EcoMineral Sanitiser Control Panel Layout

  1. Polarity Indicator LED
  2. In Operation LED
  3. Operation Selector Switch
  4. Clock, Timer, Display & Settings Buttons
  5. Sanitiser Output Adjustment Dial
  6. Fuse Holder & Fuse


Davey EcoMineral Mineral Salt Sanisiter Control Panel Layout Diagram



Davey EcoMineral Sanitiser Timer & Clock

Davey EcoMineral Mineral Salt Sanisiter Clock Timer



Davey EcoMineral Sanitiser System Setup Diagram

Davey EcoMineral Mineral Salt Sanisiter Equipment Setup Diagram




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EcoMineral EMX3600



Self Cleaning


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3 Years