Davey Nirvana 22 Kw Heat Pump

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Davey Nirvana 22 Kw Heat Pump

High performance swimming pool and spa heat pump

Recommended Max Pool Size (August – March) – 80,000 Litres

Recommended Max Pool Size (Year Round) – 65,000 Litres


Heat Exchanger

Our unique double coil heat exchanger is manufactured out of titanium to produce optimal heat transfer while resisting corrosion and erosion.

It is excellent for all common pool chemical systems including salt water, mineral salt and chlorine pools



Scroll compressor technology provides the Davey by Nirvana with unparalleled efficiency along with quiet, sustainable and proven reliability


Thermostatic Expansion Valve

The thermostatic valve regulates the supply of refrigerant to the evaporator based on weather conditions to maximise performance


Refrigerant Filter Dryer

Filters humidity and protects the refrigeration circuit for long term durability



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Nirvana 22 Kw



Product Type

Heat Pump

Warranty Period

3 Years