Davey pH Peristaltic Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder M5138

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Peristaltic pH Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder

Universal pH Peristaltic Pump & Control

Easy DIY installation – plug and play

Can be used with any existing pool chlorinator

Keep your pH in check and pool crystal clear and clean all year round with the use of a Davey pH peristaltic automatic acid dosing pump.



Automatically doses and maintains safe pH acid levels in your pool

Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool

Low maintenance, less chemicals to handle and use

Easy to install – plug and play

Has low pH and high alarms which stop the pump and displays the current status

Compliments and assists in the disinfection of salt water chlorinators, chlorine and liquid chlorine systems

100% compatible with pool acid commonly used to help balance your pool pH levels

Suitable for aftermarket and other non Davey chlorinators

Simple to set pH and calibration

Easy to read digital LCD display

Built with strong corrosion and UV-resistant materials for long service life

Strong & durable corrosion resistant Tygon peristaltic tube and roller holder

Peristaltic pH Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder Control Panel

Peristaltic pH Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder Cointrol Panel



  1. Press SET to see and adjust the set point.
  2. Press CAL allows calibration of the pH level associated to the SET button to change the value of the set point
  3. Value/level of pH in water
  4. pH – unit of measure to determine pool water chemical level. pH level should remain between 7.2 and 7.6


Peristaltic pH Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder Installation Example

Davey Peristaltic pH Pump Auto Dosing Acid Feeder Equipment Setup Diagram


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