Davey Powermaster Eco PMECO 3 Speed Pool Pump

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Davey PMECO PowerMaster Eco Pump

8 Star energy efficiency rating

Variable Speed Pump

Adjustable output horsepower from 0.17 – 1.14

3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


The Davey Powermaster ECO Series Pool & Spa pump is an 8 Star super efficient pump utilising a very clever, state of the art 3 speed brushless DC motor that provides lower levels of noise, lower operating costs and lower greenhouse emissions than traditional pool pumps when properly installed.

The PMECO has 3 speeds, so you can circulate the water at low speed, then switch to medium or high speed only if required.

Medium speed will help to power an automatic pool cleaner while high speed should be selected to backwash a media filter or when you want to manually vacuum your pool.

Due to its ability to run at lower speeds than conventional pumps, your Power Master Eco pump will also experience less mechanical wear and tear due to less stress on the internal mechanical components.



Low Emissions The PowerMaster eco pump’s low emissions rating and means even lower energy usage, saving you money

Lower Noise Levels The Davey PowerMaster eco pool pump is super quiet allowing you to run your pump at any time of day or night.

Programmable Intelligence – The PMECO’s 3-speed settings allow for fully adjustable speed options between Eco, Mid and High Flow speeds, maximising your pool efficiency, use and performance.

Davey Dependability Built-In Using the latest DC motor technology, the PMECO offers you the reliability you have come to expect from the entire range of quality Davey pool products.

3-speed variable control option for maximum performance and efficiency

Easy to remove pump lid having a see-through with extra large leaf basket

Brushless DC Pool Pump Motor Advanced technology  for longer pump life

Strong corrosion resistant UV stabilised materials.

Auto resetting thermal protection to prevent overheating of the motor


Davey PMECO Pump Control Panel

Davey PMECO Pump Control Panel

The PowerMaster ECO Series pump has 3 speed settings:

Eco Flow – Lowest Speed

Mid Flow – Medium Speed

High Flow – Highest Speed

Eco Flow mode provides the lowest speed and therefore the greatest energy savings.


Guidelines for Recommended Pump Operating Hours:

Australian Standards AS3633: “Private swimming pools – water quality” states that “The minimum turnover rate shall be a single turnover of the full volume of the pool water, within the period that the pump would normally be operating….”

The table below provides a guide to the running times of your pump while in filtration mode in order to achieve the minimum turn over rate:

Pool Size (Litres) Speed Setting (Hours)
Eco Flow Mid Flow High Flow
20,000 2.7 1.6 1.3
30,000 4.1 2.4 2
40,000 5.4 3.2 2.7
50,000 6.8 4 3.3
60,000 8.1 4.8 4
80,000 10.8 6.4 5.4
100,000 13.5 8 6.7


Davey PowerMaster Eco Flow Rates

Davey PMECO Pump Flow Rate Chart

Davey PMECO Motor Output Power (HP)

Eco Flow: 0.17 hp

Mid Flow: 0.70 hp

Hi Flow: 1.14 hp


Davey PMECO Dimensions

Davey PMECO Pump Dimensions Diagram




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3 Speed

Warranty Period

3 Years