Davey Silensor SLS100 Pool Pump 0.7 HP

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Davey Silensor SLS100 Pool Pump

Manufacturers Part Number: SLS100

0.7 Horsepower

Water Cooled Motor

170 Litres per minute @ 8m head

3 Year Warranty


The Davey Silensor SLS100 Swimming Pool Pump uses a unique to Davey water-cooled motor.

The patented water-cooled motor makes Silensor SLS100 so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night.

With a ‘plastic’ outer casing, the Davey Silensor is not affected by chemical water splashes like other pool pumps, come in either large or small leaf basket models and are so quiet you can run them at any time, day or night, without upsetting the neighbours.

Silensor can be retrofitted for Powerace models. Silensor SLS 100 models are an ideal replacement for many other pool pump models and are designed to retrofit with minimal hassle.

With a large pressure rating up to 18 metres head and flow rates to 220 litres per minute, the Davey Silensor SLS100 can comfortably run filtration systems, cleaners and backwash residential media filters with ease.

Davey Silensor SLL models feature a large leaf basket for long intervals between cleaning.


Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pump Features

Super-Quiet – Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation, rated at 54 dBa. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there.

Long Lasting – Silensor is designed for long service life in an outdoor, poolside environment and replaces highly corrodible metal components with high performance, long-life plastics for low maintenance and dependable service – year after year.

Dependable – Silensor incorporates unique dry run protection to minimise pump damage if no water is available to the pump. It also includes a unique mechanical seal protection for long service life and reduced maintenance.

Convenient – By water-cooling the motor, Silensor does not require air ventilation, and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning.

Dry running protection to protect the pump when there is no water inside the pump

Built strong with corrosion and UV-resistant polypropylene materials for long service life

Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation

High-performance water-cooled motor for quiet, efficient use all year round

Drain plug enables quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance

Super-quiet operation – the SLS100 pump is rated at only 54 dBa, even lower than normal speaking voice at 65dBa


Davey Silensor SLS100 Pump Flow Rates

Davey Silensor SLS SLL Pump Flow Rates

Davey Silensor SLS100 Dimensions

Davey Silensor SLS Pump Dimensions

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Silensor SLS100




Single Speed

Warranty Period

3 Years



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Pool Pump