EvoHeat Fusion 9 Pool and Spa Heat Pump 8.97 kW

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EvoHeat Fusion 9 Pool and Spa Heat Pump

8.97 kW


Compact sleek design

Automatic defrost system that you can depend on, guaranteed stable performance from as low as -7°C

Cutting edge, intelligent touch screen LCD allowing full programmability. Maintain your water temperature to within 1/2 a degree while maintaining optimum heater operating performance.

Electronic expansion valve (EEV2) provides a precise refrigerant control which results in higher C.O.P. and improved efficiency.

NEW patented ripple fin evaporator/condenser that produces greater energy collection and higher performance while maintaining a compact design.

Titanium heat exchanger with the highest durability while ensuring maximum heat transfer resulting in increased output

Flow switch and high pressure cut out to ensure additional safety and protection

Automatic pool heating or cooling function

PVC and powder coated zincalume corrosion resistant cabinet

Easy installation

Low noise fan blades

Horizontal airflow