Onga Hammerhead Suction Pool Cleaner

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Onga Hammerhead Suction Pool Cleaner

Includes 10 meters of hose

No wheels or gears to jam or diaphragms to replace.

Only 1 moving part and just 8 parts in total.

3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Patented technology One of the standout elements to the Onga Hammerhead is its patented silent flapper design.

Finned Disc has been created with curved fingers which lift up over any obstructions within your pool, so it doesn’t get stopped during its cleaning process, enabling it to clean the space easily and efficiently.

Easy to use you don’t need to know any special DIY techniques to get the Hammer Head pool cleaner into operation, simply add the seal and hook up the hoses and it’s ready to clean.


With advanced design technology creating a perfect automatic suctioning vacuum, the Hammerhead can pick up dirt and debris in your swimming pool with ease.

Adjust the speed and flow of the gauge to get the performance you desire. Simple operation, outstanding performance.

It doesn’t have any compartments to empty or replace throughout its lifetime, as the dirt goes straight into the pool’s filtration system

There’s also no need to replace any parts, as the patented design comes without wheels, gears and diaphragms. In fact, it has just one movable part for the most simple operation.

With the harsh Australian sun in mind, the Onga Hammerhead suction pool cleaner has been built to withstand UV rays and is completely chemical resistant, enabling a long lifespan and creating a dependable pool cleaner you can trust.

So if you are looking for an affordable, durable and user-friendly pool cleaner that comes with a three-year warranty, then the Hammer Head pool cleaner is for you.


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Package Contents

Cleaner Body

9 x 1m Hoses

1m Leader Hose (Blue Cuff)

Suction Seal

Regulator Valve

90 Degree Elbow

Threaded Skimmer Plate Adaptor

Hose Weights

Flow Gauge

Adaptor Cuff

Owners Manual


Authorised Onga Dealer Poolequip

Shipping Weight 5.700 kg
Shipping Dimensions 103.0 × 22.0 × 24.0 cm



Hose Length (m)






Warranty Period

3 Years

Product Type

Suction Pool Cleaner