Onga Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

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Onga Lil Shark Pool Cleaner


Ideal for small above ground swimming pools

Scouring the depths for dirt, Dirt can’t escape the jaws of the ‘Lil Shark aboveground pool cleaner

This hungry guy will take over maintenance chores, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool

The ‘Lil Shark will be on the prowl searching out large and small debris

Unlike other cleaners, this guy scrubs and vacuums

The unique vortex chamber design has only one moving part, ensuring superior performance and years of reliable service



  • Dual band of bristles scrub dirt while powerful vacuum action whisks it away
  • Cuts a wide 25.4cm path for quick cleaning
  • Five adjustable cleaning paths for complete coverage of any size or shape aboveground pool
  • Vortex chamber features single moving part, a design built for years of dependable service
  • No assembly required, just hook to hose and go
  • 3-year limited warranty.Terms and conditions apply



The ‘Lil Shark is certainly the “big fish” in the underwater world of aboveground pool cleaners. With its two-way cleaning action, this voracious predator is fast and effective at removing the toughest grime. His appetite is truly awesome!

Runs rings around other cleaners The unique brush ring adjuster controls the tuned to ensure thorough coverage of your pool

Five-position adjuster sets the travel pattern from tight to large circles

Doubles up on dirt Two rings of sturdy nylon bristles relentlessly scrub away at those tough spots other cleaners leave behind

Built for a long life The unique vortex chamber features a single moving part, which ensures the ‘Lil Shark will be cleaning your pool for years to come

Fast, easy set-up Simply remove the ‘Lil Shark from the box, attach the hose, place him in the water and you’re ready to relax

Ready for action The ‘Lil Shark comes fully equipped for immediate use. Also includes the exclusive UniDapt telepole adapter for spot clean-ups




Shipping Weight 4.900 kg
Shipping Dimensions 59.0 × 19.0 × 49.0 cm

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Lil Shark

Warranty Period

12 Months