Onga Pool Shark Pool Cleaner

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Onga Pool Shark Suction Pool Cleaner

Wide Body Design

10 Meter Hose

2 Year Warranty

Performs flawlessly in gunite, fibreglass, tile or vinyl pools.


Plug and Play and Walk Away with the Onga PoolShark pool cleaner automatic is really automatic

It steers itself to completely clean all surfaces and avoid hangups in corners or near steps or ladders

Now there is an easier more thorough way to clean your in ground pool

Remove the Pool Shark pool cleaner from the box attach the hose place it in the water and watch it as it prowls around the bottom and waterline of your pool


Onga Pool Shark Features & Benefits

Two Way Cleaning Action Vacuum pad contains rows of fins that scrub dirt while the vortex chamber creates a powerful suction effect to easily vacuum away debris

Unique Turning Mechanism The internal turning mechanism drives the Pool Shark for complete coverage

Uses Existing Filtration System No need to buy, install or operate an expensive booster pump

Wide Cleaning Body Cuts a wide 30 cm path for maximum cleaning efficiency

Cleans Any Surface Effectively cleans gunite, fibreglass, vinyl as well as many other surfaces

A Complete System includes hose, vacuum regulator valve, hose weight, eyeball diverter and Vac Port door fitting

Consumes No Additional Energy it works when your existing pool circulation system runs

Adjustable Flow Valve Regulates water flow to set optimum travel speed for consistent cleaning of the entire pool surface


Onga PoolShark Cleaner Package Contents

Pool Shark Pool Cleaner Head

Leader Hose

10 x 1 Metre Hose Sections

Hose Weights

Eyeball Diverters

Reducer Cone

Vac Port Fitting

Regulator Cap

Flow Gauge




Shipping Weight 5.900 kg
Shipping Dimensions 102.0 × 22.0 × 28.0 cm

Hose Length (m)


Warranty Period

3 Years




Pool Shark



Product Type

Suction Pool Cleaner