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Swimming Pool Covers

  • UltraDome+ Technology
  • Eliminates 97% pool water evaporation
  • Free delivery Australia wide


200B Blue Pool Cover

Colour: Translucent Blue
Warranty: 3 years
Microns: 200

400B – Blue Pool Cover

Colour: Translucent Blue
Warranty: 5 years
Microns: 400

525B – Blue Pool Cover

Colour: Translucent Blue
Warranty: 8 years
Microns: 525

525TB – Titanium Blue Pool Cover

Colour: Titanium Blue
Pro-rata Warranty: 8 years
Microns: 525


Daisy Pool Covers Comparison Chart

Only Daisy pool covers utilise the trademarked and award-winning UltraDome technology to deliver maximum heating, insulation, durability and value.

The first thing is the unique Daisy UltraDome bubble shape, a superior moulding technique used in the manufacture of UltraDome™ bubble material enables the polyethylene (PE)

bubble layer to be formed in a profile of consistent thickness with 2/3rds of the total material in the bubble layer – as the diagram above illustrates.

This process eliminates ‘stretching’ at the ‘corners’ of bubble material with a squarer profile, As the stretched areas are thinner, there is also less PE material to physically resist degradation by sunlight and pool chemicals.


Daisy Pool Covers Ultradome Technology Diagram


Shipping Weight 2 kg
Shipping Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

250B, 400B, 525B, 525TB

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