Davey Spa Power SP1200 3.5 kW Spa Heater Controller 40A

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Davey SpaPower SP 1200 3.5 kW Spa Heater Controller 40A

The Davey SpaPower 1200 is the most capable in the range with the functionality to manage increased demands required for large spa pools and swim spas.

Capable of running up to FIVE pumps (single or two speed), plus blower/s, circulation pump and ozonator, single/variable coloured lights or the Davey SpaPower chain lighting system.

Up to 60 individual LED lights can be run from this unit for a spectacular display of colour in and around your spa pool.

Multiphase supply is available for the SP1200-35 only – SP1200-45 & SP1200-60 models are single phase

Multi-lingual LCD poolside touchpad, the SP1200 offers full programmability at the users fingertips. (Touchpad not included)

Up to four Davey SpaPower variable coloured LED lights OR up to 60 individual LED’s from the Davey SpaPower chain lighting range


Supplied with 50mm barrel unions

Includes in-built optical water sensor

In-pool temperature sensor supplied

Safety thermal cutout

Dual heater elements enable loadshedding of heater output

Expander pack available as an extra to increase load up to 70 amps

AMP plug connectors

Full functionality from the LCD touchpad including temperature & maintenance reminders

The stylish touchpad is multi-lingual and can be set to English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish


Able to run up to FIVE spa booster pumps depending on available power supply and customer specific spa pool requirements.

This can be a combination of the following:

  • Two single speed pumps OR one two speed pump
  • An additional two single speed pumps OR one two speed pump
  • Single speed blower OR additional single speed pump
  • Variable speed blower

In addition to the above, a 24hr circulation pump and spa ozonator can be installed

Separate 12V output



Shipping Weight 5.900 kg
Shipping Dimensions 60.0 × 30.0 × 20.0 cm