Zodiac Aquasphere Salt Chlorinator W379340

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Zodiac Aquasphere Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator

Brand: Zodiac

MPN: W379340

Warranty: 2 Years


25 gram / hour Chlorine output

User-Friendly touchpad controls

Self-cleaning reverse polarity salt cell


The Zodiac Aquasphere Saltwater Chlorinator cuts down on maintenance by working on the principle of reverse polarity self-cleaning technology.

This means that the electrode basically cleans itself and all you have to do is check your electrode every once in a while, no more manual cleaning of the salt cell each month.

This gives you more free time to enjoy your pool and less worry knowing that your pool is safely sanitised.


Zodiac Aquasphere Chlorinator Features

Reverse polarity self-cleaning electrode

High 25-gram output

Low salt level light

No water flow light

Touchpad controls for easy setting

Automatic timer

Easy installation to new and existing pools

Adjustable chlorine output control


Zodiac Aquasphere Chlorinator Specifications

Description Capacity
Chlorine Output (CI gas) 25 Grams per Hour
Maximum* average pool size (litres) 50,000 Litres
Plumbing Pipe Size  40mm Pressure Pipe
Operating salt level  4,000 ppm – 6,000 ppm
Cell Length  260mm
Warranty 2-Years


How Does A Salt Chlorinator Work?

Using chlorine is the proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool.

An Aquasphere Saltwater Chlorinator produces its own chlorine when mildly salty water is passed through the Salt Cell (salt is made up of two elements – sodium and chloride).

This 100% chlorine dissolves instantly in the pool water, going to work immediately to safely sanitise, allowing you to enjoy the pool rather than adding chemicals.


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Shipping Weight 5.900 kg
Shipping Dimensions 19.0 x 31.0 x 57.0 cm


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Self Cleaning


Warranty Period

2 Years