Astral Hurlcon ZX100 78097 Pool Filter Cartridge 488 x 230

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 Astral Hurlcon ZX100 Cartridge Element 78097

Part Number: 78097

High Quality ZX100 Replacement Cartridge

Reemay spunbond polyester media


Astral Hurlcon ZX100 Cartridge Dimensions

Length A – 488 mm

Diameter B – 230 mm

Top Hole C – 75 mm

Bottom Hole C – 75 mm


How to Measure


Reemay Pool and Spa Filtration Media

This Astral Hurlcon ZX100 Cartridge Element is made using quality filtration media manufactured by Reemay

Reemay spunbond polyester media has been used for more than 30 years for pool and spa filtration because of its strength, purity and quality.

Its unique construction holds sharp, even pleats to increase surface area in less space for better filtering.

Engineered with continuous filaments so it won’t ravel or fray, Reemay is resistant to chemicals, an important characteristic for the treated water in a pool or spa.

Easy-to-clean Reemay fabric is durable and strong enough to perform, cleaning after cleaning.


Astral Hurlcon ZX100 Cartridge Element Features

Spunbond polyester

Continuous filament construction to minimise fibre migration and add strength

No binders to limit filtering area




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